Average Monthly Payment (AMP)


Average Monthly Payment – AMP program does not reduce the amount customers pay for utilities. Rather, it spreads the payments out more evenly over a 12-month period to spare you from unpredictable bills that result from seasonal usage variations. This free service is available to all City of Flandreau Residential Customers. Qualifying customers may sign up for AMP by meeting the eligible requirements and accepting the terms and conditions.


Deputy Finance Officer adds up 12-month average of utility bills to come up with an average cost. Included in that average is a $5 rounding cushion, The total then is rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

                        Example:         12 Month Average     $3,024.23

                                                            Average           $252.02

                                                            Rounding        $5.00

                                                            Total                $257.02

                        Recommended Budget Amount       $260.00

Now What?

The Resident will pay the recommended AMP or amount higher for a total of 11 months, the 12-month referred to as their settle up month will result in a credit to use or an amount to pay in.

At this time the average will be recalculated again on the 12 month and new recommended budget amount is offered.

Delinquent Accounts

Accounts that are late are manually charged the 10% late fee. If accounts receive two late notices residents are then taken off budget billing. At that point residents are encouraged to pay account balance in full not later than the disconnect date, unless promise to pay agreement has been made.