Flandreau, South Dakota

The heart of eastern South Dakota!

The City of Flandreau now offers eBill and ePay for your utility bill! 

Provides the convenience of viewing your monthly utility bill online at a secure web server by signing in with a User ID and password.  You will automatically be sent an email notification that a new eBill has been produced and is ready to view.  You may print your eBill or download it as a PDF to store digitally on your own computer.  Your eBill will remain online until the next billing cyle.  You will need to contact the City Office at 997-2492 to verify your account number and obtain a PIN in order to register.  Then click on the link below to start the registration process.   

Permits you to make credit card or debit card payments through PayPal to pay your utility bill via a secure web server (a PayPal account is not required; you may pay utilizing the guest option).  A convenience fee ($.35 + 3% of the payment amount) will be assessed for each payment made.  You must enroll for eBill in order to pay utility bills through ePay.  Once you have completed the registration process for eBill, you may make payments by clicking the link below.     

View/Pay eBills