Flandreau, South Dakota

The heart of eastern South Dakota!

Cemetery Procedures


  1. Flags and service markers shall be consistent on all graves and must be placed within 18” of the grave marker.

  2. Benches are no longer allowed except for those already placed. Benches and statues that are used as a grave marker (monument) will be allowed and must be purchased and installed through a professional monument company.

  3. Solar lights shall be allowed all year. Placement must be within 18” of the grave marker, not to infringe on plots on either side.

  4. Plot size is as follows - A lot measures 16’ x 14’ and consists of four adult graves and four infant/cremation graves. An adult grave measures 4’ x 10’ and an infant/cremation grave measures 4’ x 4’.

  5. Graves on the east end of a lot must have grave markers flush with the ground. This would be graves 5 through 8 (infant or cremation). If not flush, they would block the grave marker on the next lot.

  6. Memorabilia must be secured and placed within 18” of the grave marker.

  7. Fences are not allowed.

  8. Flowers and Plants may be planted within 18” of the grave marker. Decorative grasses must be in pots and placed within 18” of the grave marker.

  9. Shrubs and bushes are not permitted.

  10. Metal hooks are allowed all year as long as they are placed within 18” of the grave marker.   Artificial flowers may be placed within 18” of the grave marker beginning May 1st and must be removed by July 10th. The City reserves the right to remove them after such time.

  11. Tree planting, pruning, or removal is not allowed unless authorized by the City.

  12. Weeds or grass are not to exceed the height of the flowers. The City reserves the right to mow off the flowers.

  13. Pets, whether or not leashed or otherwise restrained, are not permitted in the Cemetery at any time.

  14. The City will contract for the mowing and trimming of the Cemetery. The contractor will be provided the Cemetery Procedures.

  15. The City will contact the grave site owner if contact information is available when out of compliance.

  16. The Cemetery Procedures will be given with the purchase of any plot and will also be available at the City Office.

    By the City of Flandreau Cemetery Committee

    Members: Anna Duncan, Shawn Jaacks, Lowell Johnson, Mike Larson, Doug Peters, Jeri Sabie, Kirsten Thompson, Council Liaisons Mayor Mark Bonrud and Alderman Bart Sample

    Adopted by City Council: May 1, 2017