Flandreau, South Dakota

The heart of eastern South Dakota!

Flandreau Municipal Utilities Bright Ideas

  • Do you want to find ways to lower your energy bills?
  • Are you looking for ways to green your lifestyle and improve the environment?
  • Would you like to calculate how much energy it takes to run your home's air conditioning?

If so, subscribe to Flandreau Municipal Utilities Bright Ideas, a free ecommunication and home-energy resource. This monthly non-promotional ecommunication is geared to our residential customer and focuses on ways that homeowners can improve energy efficiency and save money. You will also find articles on new ideas for conserving water, green initiatives, and the latest energy technologies.

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One of the best parts of this service is that it is delivered directly to your email inbox! You can access all of the energy resources through the ecommunication. Use the following link to sign-up now for the monthly ecommunication: Flandreau Municipal Utilities Bright Ideas

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